A Good Day to DIE HARD (Trailer)

I for one hate remakes, and reboots. The very thought of re-working, re-titling, and re-releasing classic franchises to make a buck just doesn’t sit well with me. Are you really out of ideas Hollywood? Was a Total Recall remake really necessary? But now there is a new trend in town, and I’m calling it the throwback sequel.

So what makes a film a throwback sequel? Basically it’s when they go back to their roots and continue on with an old franchise. Keep the original actor playing the main character. Try and pick up where the series left off. Try and keep it true to the original. But the key here is, don’t mess with it too much! Don’t pull an Indiana Jones and try and completely change what everyone expected from Indy.

Today we have a perfect example of a throwback sequel. A Good Day to Die Hard. That’s right, Bruce Willis is back, and this time it looks like they are taking the right approach to win back some Die Hard fans (pun intended). From what I’ve seen of the trailers, this is exactly what you would expect from the Die Hard franchise. While I did enjoy Live Free or Die Hard it just didn’t seem like a Die Hard film to me. It seemed over the top, even for John McClane.

A Good Day to DIE HARD Trailer

Now that you have seen the trailer, what are your thoughts? Is this new Die Hard extravaganza going to be worthy enough to carry the Die Hard lablel? Is the cowboy back? I for one am looking forward to it’s release. Until next time,
Yippie kay-yay.