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<No Spoilers>

(Last time I felt this good about a movie was after watching Speed Racer!) I’m not going to dwell on the distribution and cancer/plot issues that have delayed this film.  Not to mention the insulting limited release, forcing some fanboys and girls to drive for hours to see FANBOYS.  Noooooo!!!  What I’m here to tell you is that FANBOYS is incredibly funny,  brilliantly written,  fully loaded with Star Wars and science fiction references, and at its core a great touching film that really hits home for all of us geeks and nurf herders.

The story begins in Ohio, back in that great year of 1998 a few years before the premier of Star Wars, The Phantom Menace. During a Halloween kegger, Eric (Huntington) meets up with his old friends from high school.  Hutch (Fogler),  Windows (Baruchel),  and Linus (Marquette).   Eric hasn’t seen his geek friends since high school as he’s been working for his dads car dealership trying to leave his geek days behind.  That all changes when he finds out that Linus has cancer and doesn’t have long to live.  Remembering a pact they made in 5th grade to break into Skywalker Ranch and steal the new Star Wars film,  Eric decides to go along with his friends and risk his promotion as they head to California.

Hutch, works at a Comic book store where he and Zoe (Bell), trade sexual harassment dialog all day as they sell comics to Star Wars fans only, no Star Trek fans aloud!!  These scenes were very clever references to Clerks. Speaking of, there’s a very funny Kevin Smith Cameo, very funny!

Windows, is the super geek of the group and one of my favorite characters.  His online girlfriend/(boyfriend), “Rogue One” has provided him with a detailed blueprint of Skywalker Ranch and that turns into the final push they all need to go all the way for their friend Linus.

Linus, who resents Eric at first for his absence from the group soon forgives him when he shows up with the map he drew back in the 5th grade.   With all the stars aligned they embark on their mission to Skywalker Ranch,  but first they will travel to the home of James Tiberous Kirk, a Gay Biker Bar, Texas?  Vegas,  jail,  a Star Trek Konvention? And maybe Skywalker Ranch?

I loved this film! The best film all year so far!  I want to write more about the story but it would just ruin it. The movie is full of awesome cameo’s that are impressive and hilarious.  Even Seth Rogen was funny, and that’s the last time you will read that under my name,,,   FANBOYS is a great film I can’t recommend it higher, for Star Trek and Star Wars fans its epic !!!   Its better that you experience the film rather than read about it !!!      Find your Death Star!!!

  • JD

    I’m totally looking forward to seeing this. It’s one that I would really like to see in the theater if possible. I’m glad that this first review was so promising, seeing all the trouble it went through to make it to the screen.
    (I posted this on another page, but just in case…)

    If you’re looking for some fun insight to what went down during this film, Kevin Spacey was interviewed at Comic-Con back in July by Jeff Goldsmith of Creative Screenwriting Magazine. You can still download the podcast over at the Creative Screenwriting Magazine website. It’s a pretty good listen.

    (Actually an all around great podcast for those of you interested in the screenwriting side of film making.)

  • Metallicat79

    I really hope that this gets a bigger sitribution because I am really looking forward to seeing this!!

    A great review my friend, increased my desire to see it even more. If you get a screener or twom send one my way won’t you??

  • Jon Stephens

    I’m sure if you scoured the web hard enough, you could find your own screener Metallicat!

    I’m going to drive a couple of hours to another theater in a larger city so I can see this. Quality work as always 790!

  • Ergo Proxy

    Another great review by 790! Well done my man!

    This was a film I was looking forward to, though I’m not a fan of that fat dude, he might still be funny though. As you know I hate Kevin Smith quite a bit, I find he way overrated and annoying. I did like ONE of his movies and that’s it. The rest is not for me.

    BUT, when I saw you wrote Shatner being in this film? Well then.. that’s all I need to know.. .:)

    PS. I’m meeting Mr. Spock in the SUMMER!!!! Whoo HOOoooo!!! I’m sure I’ll only talk 5min with him but that’s enough for me. And I know just what to talk about with mister Nimoy. No, it’s not going to be Star Trek… I know all I need to know about Trek from all the stuff out there…

    I’ll try to take some photos with him, then have it tattooed on my body and kiss any chance of having any woman look at me the same way ever again… :p (Kidding of course.. I’d have TOS Spock and not Old Spock… STILL KIDDING!! COME’ON! You should know me by now! ;p)

  • 790

    Actually one of my worst reviews, lol, Its kind of rushed at the end, I was super busy and wanted to get this out before 24, came on last night…plus I had a few beeerrss. eehcmm emm,,

    But no seriously FANBOYS kicked ass, I think everyone will enjoy it. Oh and “I don’t do Cameos” Shatner plays a very important role,,,, there’s a lot of Star Trek vs Star Wars humor in the film…
    If I rated films on a scale, I would give it a 10!!!

    Now go out there and see the film, what are you waiting for its playing on 44 screens !!!

  • metallicat79

    Damn I hope this does well so i can see it.

  • Movie Reviews

    I will be front and center when it comes to Baltimore!!

  • Metallicat79

    I think i found a screener, i hope that the quality is good so i can watch this!

  • 790

    if they would have released this large in place of “Pink Panther2” they would have made over 25 mil easy,,,!!! This is a Star Wars film really,,,

    Idiots ,,, shitty distribution cost them millions, ,,,,!!!!

  • 790

    M79, Fanboys is coming out this month. On the 19th !!!

    Hope you chime in with your comments here,,,


  • Metallicat79

    M79, I like that, gives me that secret agent feel.

    Dude that is freakin sweet!! I am so there!!