Academy Awards 2009: The Wrap Up Report


As predicted Slumdog Millionaire  swept the 81’st Oscars with 8 awards.  MILK also won several awards including Best Actor, upsetting Mickey Rourke’s winning streak.  The entire show had a new refreshing tone that was welcome and seriously needed.  

Hugh Jackman pulled off a bizarre yet comical performance as Oscar host, reminding me a little of Billy Crystal‘s past performances.  I loved the fact that the writers made fun of not nominating The Dark Knight for Best Picture.  At least they were able to joke about it, in an attempt to win-over TDK fans tuning in.  The overall look of the show was art-deco in style, yet new in overall pace and structure.  Instead of using simple set pieces and long winded dolly shots the producers used deep physical sets in an attempt to retro the look, and it paid off !!!  The show had a refreshing vibe, overall awkward in the beginning but then seemed to find its groove with the exception of the super lame “musical tribute”.  I also loved the way the show structure was set up to chronologically explain how films are assembled more or less ending with Best Picture.  Very cool aspect, I liked that idea!  Having the past actors introduce the nominees was a bit much, but I seemed to be able to deal with it after awhile.  I did feel Cuba Gooding’s remarks to Robert Downey Jr were pretty racist.  I’ve never liked Gooding, and his remarks about giving a black actor a chance felt outdated in today’s society.  

Steve Martin reminded us all why he’s a fricken legend.  Martin and Tiny Fey came out in style to present the “Best Screenplay” categories. They had some of the funniest lines in the show.  Steve Martin did his traditional, introducing himself again over Tiny Fey, and also delivered a hilarious line while Fey was staring at him. ” Don’t love me!”  How could a man so talented accept roles like “The “Pink Panther” remakes”. Ah I digress,,,  they also delivered a pointed remark at $scientology, I  really loved that !!!

One of the best comedy sketches of the ceremony was the Pineapple Express bit. James Franco and Seth Rogen pulled off a comical “from the couch” sketch that was pretty funny!  I loved the line, “Who’s a better actor Obama or Reagan?”.  Later on Rogen embarrassed himself by inappropriately laughing at Franco mispronouncing the winner of Best Foreign Language film.  Not to mention Rogen kept reassuring us that if it wasn’t for Apatow, he wouldn’t have a career. “Dude we all get that, are you kidding us, you talentless motard ?!?!” 

Couple of things I hated about the show, for starters the Red Carpet shows are just disgusting the way they cover the actors parading themselves like royalty down the blood red carpet of stardom.  Its fricken nauseating and unwatchable. It’s a best in fashion show for the TMZ zombies,,, aaaahhhrrhr !!!  And what’s with those mindless retards in the Red Carpet bleachers?  Also (Wtf) is Bill Marr, doing presenting the Best Documentary categories? He looked like a fricken retard in the headlights after he read the winners, and then the asshole shamelessly plugs his own documentary two times like a douche bag.   And of course the musical tribute had a heavy tune out factor,,,

Anyway,,, I thought overall the new look and style of the show worked. It was refreshing and fast paced, at the same time I felt the new Director gave the winners more time to give out there acceptance speeches.  There didn’t seem to be that automatic 2 min warning of the past, and it’s about time (no pun intended).  Also have to mention that I didn’t miss that canned music the Academy has been using for the past 50 years.  Good riddance!!!  Having Ledgers family accept his award was touching, however I was upset that Majel Roddenberry wasn’t in the memorial tribute.  Sean Penn’s acceptance speech was very positive and humorous.  I loved that he acknowledged Mickey Rourke as a brother.  Seeing the entire cast of Slumdog Millionaire up on stage was amazing ! I’m so glad the child actors made it to the show, which was so cool !!!  Overall best Oscars in years !!!

Ok, on to my predictions. They were almost identical in percentage factor to the Spirit Awards predictions. 
11, correct, 8 incorrect that’s a little over 50% accuracy.  Damn!!!  
Anyway here’s the Winners List:


Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

The Duchess

Slumdog Millionaire

The Dark Knight


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Slumdog Millionaire

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Man on Wire 

Slumdog Millionaire


Slumdog Millionaire

Penelope Cruz  

Heath Ledger

Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire

Sean Penn, Milk

Kate Winslet, The Reader

Slumdog Millionaire

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that is until the “Kids Choice”, “Teen Choice” and “Mtv Movie Awards” soon soil the essence of award shows with their lame-ass rip offs.  Until next year,  2008’s movies are officially history !!!   What a great year in film!!!

  • Metallicat79

    I cant remember what my predictions were, but i think i was pretty accurate,

  • the one and only momo

    hooray for heath ledger!!! like he wasnt gonna win?? seriously…

    im kinda upset that robert downey junior didnt win anything. altho he clearly wasnt gonna win best supposrting actor, was he even nominated for best actor?? i was thinking he would be for iron man.

  • Metallicat79

    RDJ was niminated in the same category as Heath Ledger for Tropic Thunder.

  • 790

    RDJ was nominated for Best Actor for “Chaplin”…
    Last nights “Supporting Actor” was his second nomination.

  • 790

    Here’s a question I’ll throw out ,,, If Ledger hadn’t died would he still have won ???

    Did anyone see his family walking around at the Governors Ball after party.
    They looked dazed, confused and alone… (If your there) The Oscars show is a surreal experience, the amount of money that is spent for a 5 hour event is mind blowing.
    I have to wonder what Ledgers family truly thought of the event…

  • KEL

    Great post, 790!

    I wondered if Cuba had even seen Tropic Thunder, as the character RDJ played was actually a WHITE australian, blond haired, blue eyed actor, who was playing a black character.

    I really think RDJ was kinda in the wrong place at the wrong time to some extent; had they made Tropic Thunder and had he done that role a year AFTER TDK, at the next Academy Awards, I think he may have won.

    As for Sean Penn, fuck him. He’s still an asshole, I’ve never liked the guy and still can’t believe the jackhole producer Jon Peters at WB wanted him for the part of Superman a few years ago, because he has “the eyes of a killer” no less, clearly a Superman character trait.

    However, I do give Mr. Penn props for saying the one thing that I’ve been saying about the Academy for years: that they are a bunch of “commie, homo-lovers”. ;-)

  • 790

    Lol, KEL yeah if the Prop 8 controversy hadn’t happened Rourke would have won Best Actor. But it was the perfect gay storm this year for Penn.

    One thing that a lot of ppl don’t know about the assassination of Harvey Milk is that he’s not killed because he’s gay…

  • KEL


    LOL! “perfect gay storm” LOL! Sean Penn’s career is comprised of pot head, retard (“full retard”, as RDJ’s character called it in Tropic Thunder), and hemroid-hitman – what a resume’, lol. :-P

    And you are right about the assasination of Harvey Milk, bro.

  • metallicat79

    I struggle with Penn, there be a man who takes himself and acting waaaayyyyy to seriosly!

  • 790

    He went full gay in MILK.
    Penn can be a d-bag but he’s right about the ppl outside the Kodak with there anti-gay god-hates fags, bs posters.

    The religious protesters always come out during that show…

  • metallicat79

    You know, I don’t condone Gay’s, but I also believe that every human being is entitled to the right to chose how they conduct their lives. Far be it for me to tell someone that what they are doing is wrong, becuase I am sure there are many things that I do myself that are wrong, so its Hypocritical to protest (IMO). If you want to be gay, then be gay, jsut don’t force feed it to me, I really don’t care. I like people for who they are, not their sexual preference.

  • 790

    Well he’s not really preaching about the gay thing, the film (MILK) is about the first gay senator to stand up for gay rights.
    It had never happened before. I appreciated the historical value and information I learned from the film.

    Its no different then Rourke thanking WWF or Vince McMann.

  • Jon Stephens

    Good point 790. Definitely right about Rourke being no different.