Top Ten Movies of all time With Midgets/Little People

Welcome to the second edition of MovieGuys Top Ten. This week we are diving into the world of little people. Everyone loves little people cause they are always good for a joke or two, but sometimes they can be a little scary or freaky. Either way you go midgets/little people are always entertaining.

Here are the top ten Midget/Little People Movies of all time:

10. Leprechaun-The scariest midget/little person I’ve ever seen but definitely a funny dude. This green guy gave people a scare while crackin his funny little Irish jokes. Don’t steal this little guys pot of gold, you’ll be in for some torcher. eeek!

9. Willow- The little people in this movie were called pecks, short for pecker maybe hmmm. Willow is a midget sorcerer who fights off dragons, rabid mutant dogs, trolls, and evil witches. So basically he’s one bad ass midget.

8. Anything with Danny DeVito- Had to put this in because he is such a tiny person that he has to be considered a little person. You got to admit he made a one hell of a penguin because he’s such a small man.

7. Friday- You know that guy who screws with that other guys wife, yeah a midget! Can’t feel like a real man after that happens to you.

6. Happy Gilmore- Every time Happy thought of his happy place he thought of a midget riding an imaginary pony. Now that is some funny stuff!

5. Bad Santa- Santa has the best sidekicks, Elves! Just so happens to be that Billy Bob Thornton’s Elf is a African American little person and one funny little person with an attitude. This elf would rather make kids cry than make them toys.

4. Elf- Will Ferrell gets into a fight with a midget! That’s what he gets for calling the guy an angry elf.

3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- Ooompa lumpa dupity dee! Oompa Lumpa’s steal the show in the original Wonka chocolate factory. Very creepy sensation when watching these guys though.

2. Wizard of Oz- Now Wizard of Oz wins the award for the most little people ever in a movie. Man that’s a lot of midgets! Especially if you count the flying monkeys, sort of like a midget with wings and a tail. Also creepy.

And finally, the number one midget/little person movie of all time……..

1. Austin Powers- Mini Me will go down as one of the most infamous little persons to ever star in a film. So congrats Mini Me on being number one on the MovieGuys “Top Ten Movies of all time with Midgets/Little People.” You little tripod you!

  • Emmet

    Dude – know your history.
    Nothwithstanding the above – The Terror of Tiny Town is a black and white classic mockery of all things “midgety”.
    An all midget cast with one liners like “This town aint big enough for both of us”, shetland ponies, and characters that run under the saloon doors to turn around and smack them open like they made a dramatic entrance, this movie is a dark comedy years ahead of its time.

  • escay

    Errrrr no Time Bandits surely a grave error

  • Bert


    C’mon. You know the scene in the hanger at the end and there’s people working on the plane in the background?..

    Well, the stage it was filmed on was too small to show the correct perspective. So. they used a model plane and ‘little people’ so it looked right.

    And it’s a great film.

  • PattyCakes

    Time Bandits is definitely a good one, sorry I missed that one!

  • PattyCakes

    I had No idea about the Casablanca thing, I’m gonna watch that movie again now and check it out. Wonderful film!

  • Bearacid

    Great Job PattyCakes!!!!

  • Stan-Lee

    Who the hell cares about your black and white movie from 1938.

  • shinbi

    what about lord of the rings???

  • Stan-Lee

    Lord of The Rings was thrown out there, but we decided it didn’t belong in the top 10.

  • mom

    “Midget” is not politically correct “little people” is better

  • Jen

    You’re a fucking idiot. This is an offensive site and how dare you say that little people are “scary” and “entertaining”. They’re humans, not freaks or objects, you fucker.

  • pattycakes

    We know this, but why does everyone have to be politically correct all the time… “Little people” are just like another race of humans, like blacks or hispanics, poking fun at things that make people uneasy is what gets people’s attention. How do you think jackass does so well, mind of mencia, and the Dave Chappelle show? hmmm I wonder? You would have never even looked at this post if it didn’t offend you. I don’t know… I could be wrong, but just making an observation.

  • shinbi

    what about lord of the rings???

  • David

    What’s that 1950’s movie with a swarm of little people fighting the overwhelmed, normal size, bad guys in a castle in the last fight in the movie? They were swinging from the chandlers, etc. It was a riot to watch.

    • Matt

      under the rainbow