Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Review

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is a classy and an exciting follow up to the 2009 smash hit which took the Sherlock Holmes reincarnation to new heights by extracting the characters main assets and injecting them with a dose of the Guy Richie magic of a larger than life character.

Again Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson reunite for their last case in which they have to capture a criminal mastermind known as Professor James Moriarty played by Mad Men’s Jared Harris], they join forces with the help of Gypsy Madam Simza Heron [Noomi Rapace- “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” 2009], as they try to stop a villain who threatens to start a new world war.

The Good:

The film’s main success and audience appeal is the chemistry between the lead stars Robert Downer JR and Jude law as they work so well together and the chemistry is effortless as Holmes and Watson argue their way through dodging bullets, street fights [which Guy Richie excellently pulls off as seen in its predecessor], there are more slow motion scenes, one in particular sees Holmes, Watson and Simza Heron, outrun Moriarty’s thugs through the woods. The stakes are higher the characters are funnier and more confident and are what makes the film tick along nicely.

The films other main success is the actions as the films does not full short of set pieces that are more exciting and adrenaline filled. Director Guy Richie handles the action very well this time round and isn’t afraid to jam every sticky situation that challenges the circumstances of the heroes, from a great train sequence to an excellent stand-off between Holmes and Moriarty, that plays out like a duel of wits.

The films other main highlights are the use of the cinematography by Philippe Rousselot that captures the action and suspense scenes perfectly as it is thanks to him as well as Guy Richie that make the film visually interesting and original. To accompany the cinematography is the editing that is so furious and fast paced and really makes the audience on the edge of their seat.

The bad:

There not much I can say about the film that is bad as it is a step up from the original and offers more in term of thrills and excitement, the film was slick, even though there were some scenes that dragged.


Overall, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is a slick, exciting, action flick that offers more terms of action and suspense and offers fun, filled characters with chemistry and offers great performances from the two leads. So go to the cinema straight away and grab the popcorn, you don’t want to miss this excellent sequel!

  • CraigL

    I will agree that the two played together very well, and really that made the film enjoyable for me. But personally I felt like the film was very predictable, and just seem to drag things out forever.

    All in all, I thought it was worth watching, but not one I would say was a GREAT movie. But out of the group I went to watch it with, I was the only one that seemed to feel this way.