Commando remake – starring Dwayne Johnson?

commando-posterI don’t typically like to report on rumors here at MovieGuys, mostly because I don’t like to get my hopes up, or anyone else’s for that matter.  This story, however, is post-worthy if for no other reason than to start the glorious speculation right here.  It was rumored a while back that another classic 80’s action flick was in line for a remake, and that film was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Commando.  I’ve spent many hours right here on MovieGuys bashing remakes/reboots/re-imaginings, and I’ll continue to bash them here.  Remaking Commando is a lame idea.  How can any remake touch on the pure bad ass-ery that was Arnold’s Commando?  Is there even an actor out there now that we can call a superstar action flick actor?  Who would fill Arnold’s shoes?  I could go on forever with reasons why this film, and all other remakes, should never be made.  But I won’t.  I’m sure that you are now confused.  “But Jon, if you hate remakes, why report on a Commando remake?”

Commando was, and still is, one of the best pure action experiences of all time.  I have yet to see another film that even comes close.  I loved it.  I choose to write about it today because of the star that is rumored to be in the running for the staring role, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  Dwayne Johnson has successfully made the transition from pro-wrestler to professional Hollywood actor.  He is certainly talented.  There is a powerful screen presence, and an undeniable charisma about him.  He should be an action star by now.  He has the build, the screen presence, and the fan following that is a necessity for all action stars.  Lately, he has been flexing his comedy and children’s film muscles, so to speak.  I would love to see him in more action films.  It’s what America needs!  The 80’s were an era of amazing action films starring big names known to be nothing less than high-quality ass kickers.  Things haven’t been the same since.  Can anyone here name one actor who could be considered an action star similar to Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80’s?  We need someone to step up and grab the bull by the horns; we need an action star.

dwayneA few years ago, it looked like Vin Diesel was going to be the next big action star.  Starring in film’s like Pitch Black and XXX, he was on the doorstep.  Diesel was bad ass.  A few more quality action films, and he would’ve been considered a legitimate “can’t miss” box office draw.  His name attached to any action film would’ve been a sign of potential greatness.  Just like in the 80’s, if you saw his name next to the title, you knew it was going to be good.  But we all know how that turned out.  Just take a look at his most recent action film, Fast and Furious.  See how quickly that one fizzled out?  I’m not going to say there isn’t a chance for him anymore, but I will say that it would take a lot to get him back to that status.  Maybe even 3 quality action films in a row.  Dwayne Johnson isn’t any farther up in that area, but I really believe he has a stronger chance to succeed.  He already is a proven fan favorite.  He has higher name recognition value than Diesel has, and he is a far more talented actor than Diesel is, in my opinion. 

“Jon, we stopped talking about Commando a long time ago!  What gives?”  I bring all this up because I believe if Johnson were to get the lead in the Commando remake, it could instantly propel him to that superstar action actor status.  Arnold was insane in that film.  If Johnson could even be half as bad ass as Arnold was, this remake stands a chance.  I may even go so far as to say that I am excited about this remake, if only because of Johnson’s rumored involvement.  If he were to land the part, it would instantly pop up on my movie radar and stay there until it’s release day.  I think he could do a fine job with the role.  Imagine him with the camouflage war paint on, going nuts on some poor saps, blasting everyone to hell.  Anything could happen, and it’s far too early to even consider Johnson a front runner for the role.  Hell, it may just turn out that this film ends up in development hell and never gets made.  We don’t know, but speculation can be fun sometimes.

Anyone have an opinion on the remake, or the rumored star?  Who do you think should play John Matrix?

  • Richard Christensen

    I should just give you my man card having never seen Commando, a shame, i know. I actaully have an intersting bit oon the whole remke thing in the owrks and should be up shortly.
    the only thing that would keep me interested in this particular remake, is The Rock. I think he is a talented actor and still have high hopes he willturn out to be the big name action star we so desperatly need. I was hoping that maybe Johnson and Diesel would have something similiar to that of Stallone vs Schwartzanegger, but Diesel’s 15 minutes have run their course, with so much potential, it is sad to see him squander it on the likes of The Pacicifer. He entered what i refer to as “The Dsiney Circle of Hell” which The Rock, if he is not careful may fall into.

  • Jon Stephens

    Shame on you Rich! Commando is a great freaking action movie. The ultimate guy film.

    Disney circle of hell… hilarious! But true. I’d have loved to see them have a Stallone v Schwarzenegger thing going, but Diesel hasn’t had much luck picking which roles to choose. I’m sure he doesn’t set out to make crappy movies, they just end up that way.

  • Richard Christensen

    I am thinking of doing a little peice explaining my Diseny Circle of Hell theory, I am not too sure if anyone would read it or be interested in, but in short, the best example of the effects of the circle of hell, would be Tim Allen, he has been stuck there so long, he sold his timeshare property there and bought up as much of the place as he could.

    Like I siad, I hereby surrender my man card, lol

    Diesel, was great back in the day and its a shame his movies flop.

  • Jon Stephens

    Tim Allen has made some funny adult films lately, but they never received any press. Anyone see Big Trouble? That was hilarious, and definitely not Disney. You just have to dig a bit deeper, but you are right that most of his films are family films now. He is getting up there in age. It is possible he has just lost his desire to be edgy in his elder years

  • hammond organs

    This is the best idea for The Rock in a long time. I would gladly go see this in a theater.