5 Horror Remakes Worth Screaming About

Horror films have seen more remakes than Frankenstein has scars. Blood curdling, gut-wrenching horror films have had us on our toes since the invention of film, including many vomit-worthy remakes. Although most of them earn little more than a “boo,” these five are worth getting a scare over.

‘Halloween’ (2007)

The original “Halloween” film brought audiences a whole new kind of sociopath in Michael Myers, and it introduced the world to a vulnerable, young Jamie Lee Curtis. Unfortunately, “Halloween” has suffered through some laughable remakes. Jamie Lee pretty much castrated the once-scary Mr. Myers in “Halloween: H2O,” and “Halloween Resurrection” isn’t worth its weight in trash. Michael Myers is finally worthy of donning his infamous costume in the 2007 version directed by Rob Zombie. Zombie pays a worthy tribute to the original. Everything we love about slasher gore is back, and the movie villain is actually scary again.

‘House of Wax’ (2005)

What does Paris Hilton and monsters have in common? They make great holiday costumes. And Aside from the obvious fact that watching Paris Hilton’s (SPOILER ALERT) head get impaled is awesome, this is a remake worth melting for. The 1953 version of the film provides a haunting look into the twisted world of a monster who makes live people into wax sculptures in plain sight. The 2005 version starring Paris Hilton, Elisha Cuthbert and Chad Michael Murray in the same premise, although it takes place in a no-man’s land where none of the residents are who, or what they seem. The brown and blue-toned saturation and wax-centric sets make the ethereal brutality of the film hard to tear your eyes away from.

‘The Fly’ (1986)

The original version of “The Fly” is thought provoking and chilling. It calls to question the horrifying effects humans playing God. While the original gives the audience a psychological thrill ride that begs deeper questions, the re-make stuns the audience with grotesque special effects, while still igniting the same intriguing thoughts. Jeff Goldblum shines in the lead role, and unlike the original, the re-boot lets the audience witness the slow decline of the once-brilliant scientist as he turns into an abhorrent monster. This David Cronenberg masterpiece unravels like a mystery, and is a definite must-see in the genre.

‘The Hills Have Eyes’ (2006)

From French Director Alexandre Aja and based on the original by Wes Craven, this depraved cinematic carnival of fear surpasses its predecessor in terms of nightmarish qualities. While the original blasted us with shock value, the remake blends nihilistic despair with soul-crushing hopelessness, wrapped in tremor-inducing scenery. Watching the deformed, incestuous family prey upon unsuspecting lost youngsters in every way possible isn’t something you’ll soon forget. Unfortunately, the film probably cost the New Mexico: Tourist Bureau many a visitor due to the film’s New Mexican backdrop.

‘Dawn of the Dead’ (2004)

Although many were skeptical about a remake of the ultimate gold standard in zombie films, George Romero’s 1978 version of “Dawn of the Dead” is given a run for its money by the 2004 sequel. Zack Snyder’s version retains all of the gore and real feeling suspense of the first film, however Snyder’s version adds a whole lot of zest by giving the zombies the ability to run. Up until the 2004 version, zombies had always been scary, but they plodded along at a half-dead pace. By simply giving the dead the ability to sprint at a human pace, the whole tempo of the film picks up an electrifying pace.

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    All of these are excellent selections of horror re-makes that are on my top list. Makes me want to watch them all right now buddy!

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