In Time Review

Justin Timberlake stars in the futuristic action-thriller “In Time” which focuses on a future where people stop aging at 25, but are engineered to live only one more year. Here, Will Salas [Justin Timberlake- Alpha Dog, The Social Network], finds himself accused of murder and on the run with rich girl, turned hostage, Silvia Weis [Amanda Seyfried-Mamma Mia, Red Riding Hood and Jennifer’s Body], finds a connection with her that quickly becomes an important part of the way against the system.

The Good:

The most interesting thing I can say about in time is the concept of the its story in which people don’t live past 25 as it shows the desperation of communities within the film and civilians who are constantly fighting in order to gain more time and to live longer. This message is constantly communicated in the movie and suggests of how precious live is and how time is to be savoured and not taken for granted.

The other positive thing I can say about In Time is its use of action that is cleverly pulled off by director [Andrew Niccol- Gattaca] as he has created some solid, slick action scenes in particular, in one scene in which Will and Silvia carry out a bank robbery heist against Cillian Murphy’s time cop.

The other attraction with “In Time” are the performances, Justin Timberlake in particular, who is the first choice as an action hero even though, having impresses with his breakthrough performance in “Alpha Dog” and his supporting role as Sean Parkerin “The Social Network“, makes for an entertaining watchable lead as he plays the rugged, hero on the run.

The bad:

While Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried are both watchable in their own roles, it is Cillian Murphy who is the weakest of the cast as it is a shame not to see him in a more substantial and effective role after recent roles, in Batman Begins, Sunshine and Inception, he has little to do here and doesn’t really make for an effective villain.

After a slow start the film takes time to get started and build momentum as it struggles to find where it is going but when it does it makes for an entertaining romp.


In Time just about satisfy’s in terms of an engaging storyline and watchable characters. The action is well conceived and it at times pays homage to classic futuristic action-thrillers such as “Total Recall“, “Equilibrium” and “Blade Runner“.