Captain America

Captain America, Expendables 3, and Guy Disappears – Intermission Podcast 31


I know, we’re a day late, but you know, life happens. Anyways, on this week’s episode we discuss Captain America, who should be in the next Expendables and Guy thinks he disappears when his headphones quit working. We’ve also decided to start a movie trading geocache, so be on the lookout if you are in […]

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier (2014) Super Bowl Trailer Teaser

Captain America 2: Winter Soldier

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier Super Bowl Trailer Teaser. You read that right, “trailer teaser” not “teaser trailer.” Yet another trailer for a trailer. I know that Super Bowl ads are a big deal, and I know they want the most bang for their buck, but do we really need all of these commercials […]

Ep 8: Halloween Movies, Captain America and Scotchy Scotch Scotch


It’s time again for another edition of the Intermission Podcast! Sure, we’re a day late but just as awesome as ever. Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | More Subscribe Options In this weeks episode we talk about Halloween Movies, a possible Anchorman 2 “alternate film”, Scotchy scotch scotch, Star Wars VI, Captain America 2 trailer, and other stuff! […]

Avengers Assemble Film Review

Thor and Captain America - The Avengers

Avengers Assemble is set to be one of the most anticipated movies of the year as is written and directed by “Cabin in the Woods” screenwriter Joss Whedon and focuses on the world being under attack by deadly enemy Loki [brother of Thor], sets out to destroy earth, but when the shadowy organisation S.H.I.E.L.D, led […]

Captain America Throwback Style Poster


Movie posters are probably the most influential marketing tool for me. It is often how I judge whether I am going to like a new film or not. When I saw this AWESOME new Captain America poster, I was instantly hooked. The poster features none-other than Captain America, administering an American-style ass kicking on Adolf […]

Feige speaks on the future of Marvel’s mightiest heroes!

The Avengers

Kevin Feige is proving himself to be one very smart man over the last couple of years in his capacity as Marvel Studio’s President of Production.  Look at what Marvel has managed to produce since coming together under the watchful eye of Feige as a legit film making company:  $300 million plus (in the US […]

Samuel L. Jackson WILL reprise his role as Nick Fury!


It was widely reported not too long ago that Marvel was experiencing what could be considered some serious issues in relation to the future of their films, at least the ones currently slated through 2012.  There was word that Marvel was attempting to lowball Samuel L. Jackson when trying to sign him to a long […]