The Legend of Shelby the Swampman: Ax Men’s Shelby Stanga’s Spin-off

Update 7/1/2013: While little information exists regarding The Legend of Shelby Stanga, we have been able to confirm that it is true. Shelby Stanga’s Facebook page has confirmed that he WILL be getting his own spinoff starting August 6th.

What ya’ll think about this? From Dirk Hoogstra, Executive VP and general manager of HISTORY, “We have this guy who has been a great character within Ax Men and we’ve given him a shot at his own series. His name is Shelby Stanga, and the show is called “The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man”, which we love as a title. He’s an amazing character. He’s another one of these guys who lives off the grid, lives off the land, has all kinds of crazy things that he does to earn a living. He’s a dreamer and a schemer,” Hoogstra says, “a backwoods entrepreneur always trying to figure out how he’s going to get his next buck.” Gonna put the Stanga on us on August 6th!

So there you have it people!, it doesn’t get more official than that!

Original story:

Let me step out of my Josh suit for a second and be frank with everyone: If you’re not a fan of Ax Men on the History channel then you’re no friend of mine. Alright. Now that that’s out of the way and I’ve surely offended all the girly-men, it’s just me and my fellow lumberjacks. Since all of us here are Ax Men fans, I’m sure you all like to spend your time between seasons doing what I do, watching YouTube clips of your favorite moments from past seasons. I inevitably end up watching the crazy antics of my favorite Ax Man, The Swampman Shelby Stanga.

I’m not so naive as to believe everything that happens on the show is 100% real. In fact, I’d say the overwhelming majority of it is staged. However, when they head down to the bayou to see what Shelby is up to, I get a little excited. I have to believe that man is every bit as nutty in real life as he seems to be on TV. From the crazy things he says, to the strange people he recruits to help him pull logs, Shelby is the most interesting, fun part of the show. Without him, I probably would have stopped watching a long time ago.

So I’m watching some clips of Shelby doing his Shelby thing, when I come across this:

Imagine my surprise and utter joy! Shelby’s getting his own show?! All Shelby, all the time?! I was giddy as a schoolgirl! I hadn’t seen this commercial before! I immediately did some googleing to find out more. And this is where it gets strange folks. I can’t find a shred of evidence that this show exists! I know my internet skills are comparable to those of a 98 year old paraplegic Amish woman, but it’s not hard to type “the legend of Shelby the swamp man” into the search bar. There’s no info on the History Channel’s website. Nothing on Imdb. Wikipedia turned up zilch. I’ve watched hours of programming on the History Channel since discovering the YouTube clip, and still have not seen the commercial.

So what do you think? Is this some elaborate hoax? Is it a government conspiracy? Did Elvis really shoot Kennedy? I get the feeling this is just the beginning of (queue dramatic music)

The legend of The Legend of Shelby the Swampman?!?!!??!!

(Also, you’ve got to love a show where they use the phase “get wood” all the time. Heh. Gets me every time.)

The Legend of Shelby the Swampman

  • John Felker

    Can’t wait to see Shelby in his own show. I know I won’t miss it for anything. I’m excited to hear this news
    Shelby rocks!

  • Craig

    I’m pretty sure that shelby is the only one not putting on an act. When I was researching this show I read that he often does things that the producers beg him not to do. And it always seems like he’s sending people to the hospital, or injuring the camera crew. There’s just something about him that seems “legit”

  • Tibbytoobs

    It can’t be true. It’s not on the internet! Shhhhh! It’s not a conspiracy. It’s not a hoax. And it was Elvis, but not the one you’re thinking of. I have been sworn to secrecy about the show that will debut August 6th with a 2 hour premiere and an hour on Tuesday’s after that. So you did not see it here. (But maybe there)

  • Chris

    Sweet…now I don’t have to FF through all of ax men to see Shelby

  • Big David

    I only watched Ax Men to see Shelby. All the rest of the show was crap in my book.

  • Mike LeBlanc

    Shelby is cool as hell. Yes it is the only reason I watch Ax Men. Can’t wait to see the show !!

  • Nick

    i was on shelby’s facebook page and he was talking about the show its a real show coming in august the only reason why i know about shelby is cause of ax men why would they fake the show its real shelby stanga is hard to fake one of a kind

  • Cherie

    Love shellby and wife cousin great show!!!

    • Craig Layne

      Haha, wife cousin. I see what you did there…..

  • diamond lowe

    Where was shelbys wife in premier?

  • jeff

    shelby stanga you don’t quit your ax job because your new show stinks not worth watching

  • Walrus

    Where is the wife….seem odd that you are running around with another woman on the show.

  • Josh

    I thought for sure we would be seeing Mrs. Shelby at some point in the premiere also. I figure maybe she has moved in with family due to the Stanga houseboat being unliveable. Shelby on the other hand, I’m sure he has been sleeping on his paddle boat, or his jet boat, or his forklift or with one of his many cousins. But probably the jet boat.

  • diamond lowe

    But his wife was not mentioned at all when he was looking for another home to live in.

    • Dave


  • Craig Layne

    He has mentioned in the past (on Ax Men) that his wife does not live with him. While I was surprised that she did not make an appearance, I’m not surprised that it will likely be a houseboat for 1.

  • diamond lowe

    I cant see that I blame her prob not even a legal marriage qhile okay to watch whom in their right mind would live like that

  • Craig Layne

    “whom in their right mind would live like that”
    I think you answered your own question. Their minds are very clearly not right :)

    • Josh

      I’ll second that

  • cooper

    We loved watching shelby on axemen. Don’t understand why you change the whole concept of the show. He’s no longer logging and his wife and his cin Belinda are not on the show. When Shelby and his cousin Belinda get on the they’re hilarious to watch. I hope the show gets back to normal or we won’t be watching it anymore.

    • Jimbo

      Yah man! Need to bring back the original cast of characters! Took a GOOD show and are screwing it up.

  • BayouBull

    Shelby was the only reason we kept watching axmen, I was afraid they were going to turn him into another stupid backwoods hick and wow they far exceeded my expectations. I hope your getting paid well Shelby they sure maid you the swamp dork and the show stinks

  • steph

    Why is Shelby’s wife Donna not in the legend of Shelby stanga?

  • Garrett

    It’s sad that the new Shelby reality show is so scripted. I really love watching that guy. When it showed him catching sewer rats in an expensive house and smashing $10 plywood coffee tables to do so I knew it was fake. Hopefully they’ll let him go back to doing what he does best…be a tree salvager and swamp man!

    • alex

      That really pissed me off. We are supposed to believe he is meant to forgo $1000 in wages and then part with a $500 custom table, for the sake of a couple cheap ikea tables. That really disappointed me, I wish they wouldn’t script things so much.

  • Carlos

    Man, I was so looking forward to this show. I cannot believe they took such a great character and made such a screwed up show. I’ve watched the first 4 totally scripted episodes, without any of the interesting people he used to hang with, and I won’t be watching any more of them. Hope he gets back on Ax Men, but I’m not sure he won’t be damaged goods on anything from now on.

  • BayouBull

    At least he finally got back in the swamp but that is the only good thing about the last episode…I wonder if while their filming this show they really think it’s good….but their must be people out there that enjoy this type of show, after all hooney bobo is back for another season, more fine programing

  • Kat

    I hate the new show. It’s so…..FAKE! I hate the narrator too. Bring back the old Shelby, Donna and Belinda. You all ruined a great thing. Everyone loved Shelby on Ax Men. I don’t know anyone who likes the new show. Fire the narrator and the writers.

  • KennG

    I watched the new show, not good at all. Loved it with Donna,Belinda,davi and of course his favorite cousin crazy Richard. Get him back to logging and the rest of the old crew. This show looks too staged. Will stop watching if it stays that way and go back to reruns of Shelby on the original axe men.

  • Double Barrel Darrell

    I’ve watched all the shows and have been wondering where the usual cast of characters has been. Producers of his new show need to remember what made him great on Ax Men: working hard to get logs and the relationships with his wife, Belinda, and crazy cousin (among others). They have not shown anyone from Ax Men for the entire season, and strange that History Channel would fool with what made him a favorite to begin with. I like him, but scripted ‘reality’ shows are way below average.

  • willbyrd

    what yall need to do is leave shelby the fuck alone , yall won ‘t know what to do in the swamp

  • Josh

    It is with a heavy heart that I post this comment. I have to agree with the sentiments of all the other commenters. After the first episode, the show went downhill quick. Maybe my expectations were too high. It seems to me like the producers of the show bought Shelby a new boat and said “Ok. You work for us now. You wanna keep your new home? Do what we want you to do.” I’m still holding out for a glorious comeback though. Swampman style!

  • bayoubull

    No we won’t leave Shelby alone because it’s Shelby we want not the stupid booboo crap were getting. ..bring back the swamp man

  • Bill

    I can’t find the show as of Oct 25, 2013. When does the new season start?

  • sonny

    where is shelby gone to we all miss his crazy ass

  • BillboTex

    Almost one month since my last post here and still no answer to my question? When does the new season begin for Shelby???

    • Josh

      Sorry BillboTex. I tried to find out some info on a second season after your first comment, but couldn’t find anything. I was going to give it a week or so and try again, and then to be honest, I totally forgot. Still no word on when or even if there will be a second season of Shelby. But don’t worry, if I catch wind of anything, I’ll be writing about it. Stay tuned for further updates……

      • BillboTex

        Thanks Josh!

        • Tibbytoobs

          There will be a Christmas special Tuesday, December 3rd 10/9c to watch A Very Shelby Christmas on HISTORY. Shelby and Belinda get together and deliver gifts on the bayou on his forklift which he turns into a sleigh.

  • Carolyn Russell-Webster

    Shelby, you, Donna, Belinda and all your other friends and family make up one of the best shows on television. We have watched and recorded every show that you are on and keep it on our tv. I hope you and Donna are doing okay since we have missed seeing her on the latest shows with you. You and her make a good team, along with Willy dog.

    Take care, keep being yourself, bring your wife back into the mix, and from my family to yours, a very Merry Christmas from the State of Oklahoma.

  • BillboTex

    Looks like every “tip” is pointing to August 1014