Scream Awards 2008 – Complete Recap of the LIVE Show

Scream Awards 2008

Scream Awards 2008


BY 790

*WARNING! The following article contains spoilers to the 2008 Scream Awards that are to be aired Tuesday night (October 21), on Spike TV. Do not read if you don’t want to know who the winners are. *

Hey its SPIKE TV’s Third Annual SCREAM AWARDS, featuring the best in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comics, and Horror! The Fans are out tonight! A lot of them wearing crazy costumes , it looks like a huge Halloween costume convention. Hey there’s Gumby, I know that guy!

The Red Carpet walkway was adorned with massive paintings of some of Marvel, and DC’s biggest Comic Legends. Spider-Man, The Avengers, Captain America, Superman, Batman and Robin, all captured in framed glory.

At one end of the Red Carpet is the (soon to become rather famous) actual Owl Ship from The Watchmen. It looked fully functional, as you could see all the controls in the ship illuminated and working.

For Watchmen fans it was amazing, as you could see the machine gun ammo belts that line the cabin of the ship (308 cal, same size Army used in a lot of there Vietnam attack copters), engine access ports in the back of the cabin, and what looks like an escape hatch in the floor, WOW!!!

The Stage set-up is pretty amazing, the producers clearly went insane on the set design. Hundreds of flashing lights, a huge fire breathing Dragon/Demon Head, and a massive shattered heart with a 90ft flaming dagger ripping through it! A long walkway connects the main stage to the center platform (practically) out in the middle of the audience. (Toto, were not at the Emmy’s anymore) As the show begins the stage gets dark, mid-evil torches are lit, and it looks like a Gothic ceremony is about to begin… Performers on stage start to dance around like bizarre Roman actors, there’s even a girl dancing from a suspended chain. Wtf?

The massive scene unfolds into the first award of the night. “SCREEN LEGEND AWARD: SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS.” As the Hopkins film montage ends, the smoke clears, lights come on, and he’s standing on the center platform. The crowd goes nuts, and gives him a 3 minute standing ovation, he clearly looked stunned at the audiences reaction, (a killer in the headlights). He then gave a soft spoken acceptance speech as the fans gave him another standing ovation.

At this point the Scream 2008 credits played on the big screen. (The crew had to remove all the torches, and stage stuff. You won’t see that on TV).

Next up was BEST FANTASY FILM: The Massive Dragon/Demon Head roared with 30 ft flames coming out of his nose, as Keven Smith and Seth Rogen walked out of its mouth. They both came out, and started to take the show down bathroom humor avenue. They made fun of the Fantasy Film titles, and the crowd reacted, ha ha. They finally announced the winner, HELLBOY 2 THE GOLDEN ARMY!

Accepting the award was the cast of the film. Ron Perlman made a strange acceptance speech in a weird accent, but looking around this clearly wasn’t the normal award show.

The next award was for BEST COMIC BOOK: Stan (the) Man came out with Kristen Bell, (I think it was her). He was funny, as he could barely contain himself next to the smoking hot actress. A lone call from the fans, “Stan you are the Man! ” erupted as Stan replied , “Yes I am.” Stan went on to praise comic books massive impact on films as he announced the winner, Y: THE LAST MAN.

At this point, some actor from Twilight came out to introduce the new WORLD PREMIRE OF TWILIGHT: it contained a kinda funny scene where this one vampire dude is assaulting this female, and right before he kills her three other rescue vampires come out of nowhere and save her. uh huh, OK.

As the Darkness lifted, out of the huge heart came Gary Oldman. He presented a tribute for BEST FANTASY ACTOR / BEST VILLIAN: HEATH LEDGER AS THE JOKER. After massive applause he then accepted the award on Ledger’s families behalf. (They never even bothered to announce his fellow nominees.)

Look out here come The Osbournes, to present BEST TV SHOW: Ozzy comes out and gets the fans going, and after a bunch of F-bombs by Sharon Osbourne we find out that DEXTER is the Winner! The cast of Dexter comes on to accept as Michael C Hall says, “hey you could kill somebody with this,” as the Scream Award is a huge Spike.

Rob Zombie presented the next award,


Winner MILLA JOVOVICH FOR RESIDENT EVIL EXTINCTION, she says an F bomb as we move on.

At this point some weird looking puppets came out on stage for a musical performance by KERLI, called WALKING ON AIR, (I went to bathroom).

During the commercial time setups they would show old school movie trailers up on the huge monitor. Terminator, Escape from NY, The Sinful Dwarf, and Multinauts trailers were hilarious.


The Winner GARY OLDMAN, THE DARK KNIGHT. Gary came out and made another wonderful speech as he thanked Christopher for casting him in the Batman films.

What happened next for the SCREAM IMMORTAL AWARD: was something I’ll never forget. Winona Ryder presented a cool montage of Burton films, it ends as the lights come on, and at the back of the (outdoor) theater, 100 ft. in the air is TIM BURTON floating in a (Wizard of Oz) looking carriage supported by a dozen large helium balloons ! A crew of 10 pull him through the crowd as he lands on the stage perfectly, the audience goes ballistic! I swear there was nothing they could have done if something went wrong. I could not believe Tim Burton had the balls to pull that off for the fans. It was amazing!!!!! He of course thanked the crew for not letting go as he began his acceptance speech. WOW !!!!


Winner IRON MAN !

On hand to accept was the Director himself, Jon Favreau. He presented a special acceptance clip by ROBERT DOWNEY JR that was filmed on the set of Sherlock Holmes. It was pretty funny.

The FRIDAY THE 13TH WORLD PREMIERE was up next, meh, some guy is pulled under the floor of an old shack, last shot is Jason chopping the head off a hapless female. Pass.

That premiere led into the MASTERMIND AWARD: presented to WES CRAVEN. Lots of applause as he walked from the back of the theater to the stage. He wrapped with a rather quick speech.

Next up was a disturbing part of the show, THE MOST MEMORABLE MULTILATION AWARD: yikes! I really am in hell,

Out pops Marlyn Manson, he slumbers out on to the center of the stage to award PENIS BITTEN OFF BY VAGINA WITH TEETH , (TEETH). Yep that’s correct, and the clip shows the gruesome event. The acceptance speech was awkward, not to mention the female lead accepting refers to the giant on stage Heart, as a vagina with teeth. Did I forget to mention this show is NC-17.

OK we’re moving on to, BEST DIRECTOR: went of course to CHRISTOPHER NOLAN, THE DARK KNIGHT. He and co screenwriter John Logan, also won for BEST SCREAMPLAY: Christopher and John accepted to a huge applause. The Dark Knight is really cleaning house tonight.

Next up Ron Perlman presented the BEST HORROR ACTRESS:

Winner, LIV TYLER, THE STRANGERS. She looked hot as usual.

Next up was the SMASHING PUMPKINS performing there “meh” song “G.L.O.W.” (Went to get a beer). Got back just in time to see THE WORLD PREMIERE OF WATCHMEN: “this film is gonna blow your mind!” The Watchmen premiere was awesome, it showed more Dr. Manhattan footage, and a lot more Owl Ship footage. (Ah, I see how that escape hatch is gonna work, very cool the Owl Ship flies itself)

THE ULTIMATE SCREAM: award was next as THE DARK KNIGHT won again. CHRISTIAN BALE also won as BEST SUPERHERO: BATMAN. What a shock.

The last award was the COMIC-CON, ICON AWARD: Samuel L. Jackson introduced the winner GEORGE LUCAS. Flanked by 50 stormtroopers, George emerged as the crowd went crazy, and a laser show erupted!! Lucas received a 5 minute long standing ovation, as he later went on to praise Star Trek for opening people’s minds to the world of crazy space aliens.

As he walked off the show ended, wow!! Thanks for reading my review and hope you catch the Scream Awards on Tuesday night October 21st on Spike TV. (Some awards were cut out due to time constraints, and unfortunately, Spike did not allow any photos)

  • Ergo Proxy

    Another wonderful review by 790, ladies and gentlemen…

    On a different note… isn’t Lucas, getting a bit tired of the Stormtroopers being around him? I mean in a twisted sense, he’s the dark lord of the Sith and the Stormtroopers are his to command…

    But it was nice of him to mention Star Trek, but then, you know… he’s kind of running out of stuff to do.. Indy and Star Wars is all he’s ever done… and some not very well and others, well it’s debatable just how much he actually DID on the original Star Wars. Joseph Campbell anyone?

    For ONCE, why doesn’t Lucas just dress up the way he really is.. Like Emperor… He’d be Lord Greedious!!


    PS. I’d almost give real money to have someone convince Lucas that he could do a Star Trek movie and just before he actually does, pull the plug, then publish the story and see the horror it could have been… ;)

    I bet Jar Jar would be some kind of Star Flee officer… :/

  • 790

    Thanks Ergo, wrote this with a hangover btw. Captain Morgan, next time I see you run !!!
    (I’m talking about the real live Captain that I saw last night, you bastard!)

    Lol,Ergo on Lucas,, that would be hilarious, and prob true.

    One cool thing about the Stormtroopers is they all single file marched up on the stage and assembled just like they do in the films. It was the 501 Battalion and there like professional stormtroopers. They were in total character.
    I don’t get how they see in those helmets …

  • the Old Man

    OH YEAH gonna crank my entire system on for this baby. :O

    Way to go 790! You just keep coming up with the good stuff.

    Ha.. one of these days you’ll be up there giving an acceptance speech. ;)

    Anyone do interviews after the show or was it, outward bound for the territories? What was Milla Jovovich wearing?

    Sounds like one heil of a blowout, I’m stoked for Tuesday!

  • 790

    Thanks The Old Man,,,
    Milla looked hot !!!,,,
    I don’t know about any after show interviews…
    She did plug the Resident Evil box set coming out this December on dvd,,, lol…

  • Bear

    I will definitely be sure to check this out, it sounds like it is right up my alley. :)

  • Bruce Simmons

    Awesome insight to the upcoming show. You’ve put this out there in such a way that we’ve got pictures to already go with the words.

    Great descriptors 790.

    And yea, I’d like a boxed set indeed! Mila is fun to watch kick a**.

  • 790

    Thanks Bruce, that’s exactly what I strive for,,,
    (Descriptions that give the reader a sense of what visually took place).

    Btw, let me just state for the record that before I typed the first word in my article the results of the 2008 Scream Awards were already posted online… ;-)

  • Stan-Lee

    Who needs pictures when you have 790?

    I love the write up 790. you have pumped me up for the show.

    To touch on the stormtroopers though, I believe that the old man gave a good explanation for his own question.

    Why does Lucas cling onto the Stormtroopers? Because that is all he has. Do you know how many people would have no clue who he is without some sort of Star Wars shwag?

  • Bear

    Yeah, I wouldn’t know him if I saw him on the street. I mean I could probably pick him out from a crowd of celebrities or something.

  • 790

    You guys are gonna be blown away by the Tim Burton stunt…!!!!
    Holly shit I thought he was gonna die!!!

    Anyone that says he’s gay for Johnny Depp, is wrong!
    He’s got Balls of Titanium,,, a mans, man! Christian Bale wouldn’t have done this!!!!

    He’s so my favorite Director at this point!
    Well next to Kubrick of course…

    When you see it, remember , NO BACK UP PLAN,,, No Back up plan,,, no plan ,,,,,,no …
    ,,,, o

  • the Old Man

    Caught this tonight. I wonder how many balloons you would pop before the carriage dropped?? gradually… :)

    Wow, I think I actually liked what Liv tyler wore.
    She looked hotter than Milla in that dress. Of course,
    I think I’d want Milla watchin my back if i was fightin
    zombies.. The flame spouting dragon head looked badA..
    Do they use Alcohol, Diesel, or gasoline for those?
    Looks like someone got Charles Roven to speak up about
    “The Flash” movie, even if it was non-news. That hour went by quick! I bet Lucas floated home on his ego.. ruler of the universe.

  • Bruce Simmons

    Crrrrraaappppppp! Crap crap crap crap crapp…. crapola!
    I missed it. Crap!

    I run too many blogs… crap!!! I quit! … until tomorrow morning… crap!

    Thank god I keep my feelings buried.

  • 790

    Wasn’t that crazy Old Man!
    I thought we were going to witness a horrific tragedy with Burton. Man o man.

    They use a form of compressed Propane,,,, btw.. The pyro on this show was fabulous. It also kept me warm when it blew. Even from 100 ft away you could feel the heat…
    Bruce wtf!!!!!
    They replay the show over and over on Spike. Catch it!

  • the Old Man

    “They use a form of compressed Propane,,,, btw.. ”

    Doh… What was I thinking?? Thnks 790

    @Bruce sympathize, I want my TIVO..:-)

  • Stan-Lee

    Well sadly I missed the show also. hopefully I will get to see it over the weekend. Does anybody knowhwen it is being repeated?

  • 790

    I believe Spike aired the show back to back 3 times last night,,, I’m not sure about reruns. If I recall last years show was rebroadcast about 2 weeks later

    Did anyone see the look on Winona Ryders face when Burton almost died… Lol

    Looking at some other reviews the Twilight trailer did not go over very well,,,
    I seriously can’t see Twilight making anywhere near what some of the hardcore are talking about. 60mil+ (I doubt it)…

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