Gravity and Super Cars: Ep 5 – Intermission Podcast

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It’s Monday and you know what that means! Another episode of the Intermission Podcast! This week we talk about Gravity, Ridick, Enders Game, 22 Jump Street rumors, and other stuff.

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In This Episode

This week the guys went and watched Gravity, and are pleasantly surprised.

While talking about the trailers for The Fifth Estate, and the documentary We Steal Secrets, Guy get’s confused and doesn’t realize they are the same movie. Proving that current events that don’t happen in the past 2 weeks are forgotten.

Somebody please email us ( with the proper pronunciation of K3loid. Which Guy is disappointed is not a feature length film.

A conversation about Ultron quickly escalates into a debate over whether or not there should be an Ant Man movie.

Corey and Guy give us a long past due review of Riddick.

There is new Dumb and Dumber To news, the kid is back.

This is really turning into a Guy episode, while Craig is talking about Ted 2, he get’s confused thinking its Bill and Ted.

A new teaser for Godzilla was leaked. Guy and Corey were the only two to see the trailer, they seemed pretty excited. The discussion quickly turned to Godzilla 2000, and Guy’s discuss for him being killed by just two missiles. No matter how high tech they were.

I, Frankenstein looks to be a disappointment  Aaron Eckhart wouldn’t be a terrible Frankenstein, he just needs to work on his makeup a bit. A few stitches just doesn’t cut it. He needs to look more pieced together, less just bandaged up.

The question “Where do used super cars go?” is raised. Seriously people, where do used super cars go?

And finally, we talk about Gravity. Unfortunately we couldn’t do this without including some spoilers. So if you haven’t seen the film, and don’t want it ruined, you’ll need to skip the ending. Don’t worry, we will warn you before we jump in.