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The Avengers

The Avengers

We are only a few short years away from the release of The Avengers! on July 15, 2011.  Excited?  Well nothing ups the excitement for a film like some quality casting news.  And since the film is so far down the road, most of the roles have yet to be filled.  So I thought, why not get the rumor mill churning and toss out my two cents on who should star in The Avengers.  Sure, there are a couple of roles that have been filled. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t cast the other parts!  And as an added bonus, I will throw in my opinions on the Villain that SHOULD be the evil mastermind in The Avengers.  Keep in mind this is purely speculative.  Are we ready?!?

We will start with the roles that have already been cast.  How about Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man?  Is there anyone out there who actually thinks there is someone better to play Tony Stark, billionaire industrialist and smooth talking ladies man?  I didn’t think so.  Never has a hero been cast so well.  Period.

Next off we have Dr. Bruce Banner, a.k.a the Hulk.  The Hulk has been confirmed as being in the movie, but there has long been speculation that Hulk might be the baddie.  Fear not, for the Hulk will be fighting on the right side!  Marvel has confirmed that Hulk will be a member of the Avengers for the upcoming film.  And while we already know who the man to play Banner is (Mr. Edward Norton!) there are a great deal of people out there, myself included, that worry Dr Banner will not be making an appearance because of the well publicized problems between Norton and the studio.  I hope I’m wrong, because it just wouldn’t feel right to have the Hulk but no Banner.

Finally,  we have Nick Fury.  While Marvel has not confirmed his presence in the film, any film about the Avengers must include Fury.  Captain America may be the vocal leader of the group, but he follows orders given by Fury.  Samuel L. Jackson will star as Fury, a character that was re-drawn with Jackson in mind.  Way to plan for the inevitable movie guys!

Okay, now the fun part.  We have some heroes currently left uncast.  I spent hours upon hours researching who would be the perfect fit for the character.  They not only need to have the acting chops, but also at least look a little like the character they are supposed to play.  With that, we will begin with the first Avenger himself.

Captain America/Steve Rodgers:  Colin Ferguson

I have to give it up to Heath over at Screenrant.com for turning me on to this idea.  But now, it is official in my mind.  You may know Colin as Sheriff Jack Carter on Sci-Fi channel’s Eureka.  Ferguson is a terrific actor with the build to play the character.  His presence on screen draws attention, something Cap always does.   He is young enough to lock down for several films.  And he has the iconic Captain America steely jawline.  He IS Captain America like Robert Downey Jr IS Iron Man.  Enough said!

Ant Man/Henry Pym:  Matthew McConaughey

OK, I plan on getting a lot of flak for this one.  McConaughey was rumored to be in the running for Cap, but I already gave the part to Colin Ferguson!  So give him Ant Man.  Ant man is a character that had to be created with “action/comedy” in mind.  You know McConaughey could do the comedy, and he certainly has the build to be a hero. Besides all that, I just can’t get over the fact that he looks so damn much like Pym!  Everyone wants to make Pym some geeky scientist type, but go look at the comics.  I dare you to look up a picture of Pym and not see McConaughey.   Seriously.

Wasp/Janet Van Dyne:  Natalie Portman

Can’t have the Avengers without the Wasp.  She came up with the name!  So who should play Janet?  Well honestly, I don’t think there is a very large part in the film for her, given that she was not officially confirmed to be in the movie.  But the actress has to be short and cute, and Natalie Portman covers those bases well!

Thor:  Charlie Hunnam

No word yet on whether or not the good doctor would be a part of a Thor film.  Seems as though he will just be a god with no human alter-ego.  So enter Hunnam.  I’m sure  many of you are scratching your heads in bewilderment right now.  Well, Hunnam can currently be seen on the FX series Sons of Anarchy. He plays the young VP of a biker club who struggles to find a balance between his new life as a dad and his love for the club.  He’s also starred in Children of Men and Cold Mountain.   Stay with me now… He’d have to keep the long hair he has on the show, but with the hair and scruffy look on the show, he looks like Thor.  He’s got the build for it, and he’s not too short (6ft 1″)  He could pull it off as good as anyone else I’ve heard being bandied about for the role.  IMDB this kid and look at a picture of him from Sons of Anarchy.  You’ll see.

And in my final call as casting director for The Avengers!  I will present to you a villain worthy of a team of heroes…

Loki:  James Callis

Loki should be the villain in this flick, because if he can be a handful for a god, he’s perfect for the Avengers.  And adding Loki would be a great way to bring Thor down from Asgard to join Earths mightiest heroes!  Maybe Loki escapes to the Earth realm, and causes havoc.  Cue what is beginning to become the Avengers (maybe Cap, Ant man/Wasp, and Iron Man)  but he is a little too much to handle.  As the movie moves on they finally convince Hulk to join, and enter Thor, and there we have it.  The Avengers! Who better to play Loki than James Callis.  I’m sure you know him from Battlestar Galactica.  But he can really act, and he possess that devilish charm that would be required to play a god of mischief and all around evil dude like Loki.

There!  We are finished.  The Avengers has been cast!    Spread this around, and maybe we can help get some of these actors cast the Earths mightiest heroes!  What do you think?  Am I crazy, or genius?  Sound off people!

And remember, The Avengers is set to open July 15, 2011

  • the Old Man

    Discussions like this can get reeally long… Hope you realize what you started :-)) lol.

    Let me right off throw you a couple of curve balls. Natalie Portman may not be available any time soon. Harvard and current projects might nix her. Then too since she has a definite interest in psychology, ( I like her already ) she may have definite ideas how she would want to portray the character. May or may not care for the condescending behavior of Hank or having to portray a long suffering battered wife, if that’s in the script.

    Will RDJ want to play Iron Man for 3-6 more movies? I would think after 3 he would have emotionally played out Stark and be bored, if not concerned about spending so much time behind the mask.

    This of course, ugh, brings us to, well who are my picks?

    My philosophy is have back up choices, so while I think your choices would work, at some point real world situations often intervene. So as back up I would choose, John Cusack to play Stark. If you have doubts check his performance in “War Inc.”
    As for Janet I would say Christine Lakin. Red hair suits her and lots of people can identify with John Buscema’s rendering of Janet. Additionally I think the studio should give Norton double duty and let him direct. It would ensure his participation, although I suspect he would want final cut privileges, which I think was the problem last time! I guess the big question, was the friction between the studio and Norton or the studio backing the director of “I.H.” out of obligation and had nothing to do with Norton’s sensibilities?

    One last question to be answered is staging your two most powerful heroes with a single villain. Who’s tipping the scales Hulk or Thor? That choice could severely reduce the screen time of one or the other character. Although, it’s easy to have Thor preoccupied elsewhere in the story and still give the audience some quality Thor time.

  • Jon

    Oh, I absolutely know what I’ve started here. That was the point :) Discussions like this can be a lot of fun! So, I can see where you are coming from on Portman. I think the thing that really would keep her out would be school and other projects, because I doubt the battered wife aspect of the character will make it into this movie. I love the real world marvel is creating, but I don’t think they want it to get that real. I think they would want the movie to be fun. But I love the Christine Lakin pick. I thought about her for a while. Just something about Portman…
    RDJ has signed on for 5 films for marvel. Not sure how many of those are Iron man and how many are maybe supporting roles on other hero films. But we have him for sure in 5 movies in the marvel universe. If, for some reason, Marvel cuts ties with RDJ, Cusack is one of my favorite actors. I would love to see him as Stark, I just don’t know. I have a bad feeling too many people would associate him with his lighter roles, thus being really skeptical and possibly not even going. I’d like it, but would audiences? You’ve got to think studios would take that into consideration.
    Edward Norton would be a great choice for director, but the final cut rights would be a massive problem. I really wanted to see Favreau direct, but with IM2 coming out only a year before Avengers would. I just don’t think he has time. How about Leterrier? Did a great job on the Incredible Hulk.

    To meet your final point, I say this. I selected Loki as the villain, because that could very possibly open the door for a little Hulk mind control. Then we could see a Hulk vs Thor smackdown! The Avengers would find a way to break Loki’s hold over Hulk, and he would join in time for a massive Loki beatdown! If they didnt want to do that, they could always have Loki cause some havok in Asgard before coming to Earth, and have Thor stuck there dealing with that until the end of the movie.

    I really can’t disagree with any of your ideas old man. Thats why I wanted to write this. This could be the start of a really great back and forth discussion, and thats when all the great ideas rise to the surface! I’m surprised you didn’t rip my Ant man pick. I would’ve thought everyone would disagree with that!

  • 790

    Great article Jon,,,!!!

    Interesting casting choices I think those are all pretty damn good.
    Especally James Callis, that guy should definitly be getting some work after his amazing performace as Baltar.

  • Jon

    Thanks 790! It was a labor of love! ;)

    I like my choices, if I were in charge of casting this would be it. But there is one character that I will never change my mind on. Colin Ferguson must be Captain America! I would love to see him get his big break as Cap. He’s big enough, and he has the all American, classic jawline! Do it already Marvel! Lock him down for 5 flicks like you did everyone else (Except Edward Norton. Why?)

  • 790

    I agree with Ferguson,as Captain America… He’s got the look dead on.

    One of these days I really need to watch Eureka “season 1” on dvd. I’m so back logged on my dvds…

    Jon, on Norton, I’m assuming “he” was the one that didn’t want a multi-picture contract… But who knows.

  • Jon

    I know was originally locked in for at least 2 films. But now I keep hearing that the relationship between him and Marvel is so bad that they are considering cutting Banner from the Avengers, and putting off another Hulk movie until the time comes when they could re-cast him.
    Ed Norton seems like he has always thought outside the box. Thats the only reason I can think of as to why he would sign for two, but not 3 like most new “heroes” do.

  • the Old Man

    Leterrier is definitely a good choice he’s doing “Clash Of The Titans” now and he did the “Transporter” movies as well. He’s the real deal right up there with Favreau.

    After you’ve sat through the umpteenth discussion on which pro wrestler should play Thor, your kind of glad you have a character like Hank Pym that doesn’t seem that hard to fill by comparison.

    With Loki’s strength being in sorcery would it be a fair assessment that he would use that indirectly, instead of head to head? Sure he would show up at the end for the Coup De Grâce, but not being directly accessible is to his advantage. The down side to this is the necessary flunky, like Carl Creel, to which he plays to and makes his thinking known to the audience. Then too what happens if he was able to take control of more than one Avenger? The scenarios I’ve read put Thor himself in that equation, but what if he could take advantage of Hank instead? Subtract Thor temporarily due to Loki’s schemes and you’ve got the title “Avengers:Chaos Crisis,” Nah strike that.
    You could still work that, to make an origins story. A head to head confrontation with most of the Avengers would be fine, providing Thor and the Hulk can be kept occupied. The military must necessarily be outmatched, giving rise to the necessity to bring the team together. I guess you could forget the Hank idea and put the military under Loki’s control, that would liven up the story too. So the Hulk and the military fall under Loki’s control and divide the rest of the Avengers to battle the two forces with Thor tackling a separate problem.

    Another curve is Loki gets the military to fight one another with some of the team left to break it up. So the Pym’s are left trying to disarm the military and you get the fight you want to see Cap and Iron Man against the Hulk. Throw war machine in for a few rounds and Thor at the last to break Loki’s control and you got a block buster… No? The only face off people would want to see more is, like you said, the Hulk vs Thor. I can see it now, it would be comical. The Hulk has Iron Man in his hands scrunching up the armor like you or I would a soda can, all the while Caps perched on Hulks back wanging on the back of his head with his shield, to almost no effect and then Thor just pops in, at just the right moment and taps the Hulk on the chin with Mjolnir with such force it throws Cap back a hundred yards, knocking him out and the Hulk goes down, right on top of Stark. He pops the helmets’ face mask telling Thor get him off, get him off, he’s crushing me. Just when Thor pulls the Hulk off Stark, big green wakes up regains footing and pops Thor in the face yelling, nobody defeats the Hulk. Stark, Eyes wide says, Ohh SH*T play dead Tony play dead, as he’s closing the helmet back up. Thor and the Hulk go at it for a little bit, until Thor spots Loki and hits him unexpectedly with a lightning strike. Then a pummeled war machine gets up and shoves a hand into Loki’s face and says talk to the hand, hitting him point blank with a full repulsar blast from his hand. Loki’s unconscious and well you know the rest..

  • Jon

    @the old man
    Wow! Are you a screen writer? I couldn’t have said it better myself. That sounds really good. I like the idea of Loki controlling the military.
    Maybe, to twist a twist, they could have the Hulk join the team from day one. Loki takes control of the military and tries to conquer Earth, while Thor is dealing with something back in Asgard. Loki figures, he can’t conquer Asgard because of Thor, so he will take Earth instead. By the time Thor finishes up and finds out what is going on, Loki will be the supreme ruler of Earth (at least, that is what Loki thinks)
    The Avengers show up to stop Loki’s military forces, and Loki gets to see the Hulk in action for the first time. He see’s his ultimate weapon to use against Thor, and takes control of the Hulk somehow. So NOW the team splits, and we go into your idea. The Ultimate battle of the movie can end up being Hulk vs Thor, and you have Hulk as both a bad guy and a good guy. Even after Loki is defeated and his control over the Hulk is released, Hulk still dukes it out with Thor. He’s never seen Thor before, and Thor hit him, so he must be a villain. They fight for a while, someone on the team finally calms Hulk down, injects him with some serious tranquilizers. Then the Avengers, impressed with Thor’s strength and powers, ask Thor to join. The cliffhanger here is Thor says maybe, or I shall consider your request, and disappears in a flash of lightning. Stark says something sarcastic and funny in response, and fade to black.

    We’d make a great team, old man! I really like how you think ;)

  • the Old Man

    Jon said “Maybe, to twist a twist, they could have the Hulk join the team from day one. Loki takes control of the military and tries to conquer Earth,”

    OH yeah, it almost writes itself doesn’t it. ;-) I’d say that’s the best way to go. A worthy Avenger challenge. Plenty of ways to showcase each character, as much as you want or need to. Now the trick is to outline the story up to this point, making it compelling enough that by the time the audience gets here, their ready to wet themselves..

  • 790

    One thing that concerns me about the Avengers film… Instead of 2 or 3 fans of the source material writing it your gonna have 25 studio executives, 6 marketing agents, 5 producers, 2 executive producers, 4 editors, and a director with his vision…
    I hope they pick a great opening story and stick with it. Don’t make a film just for action figure profits,,, and let’s get Edward Norton in back in there!!!

    They could really bitch slap “DC” if they pull this off…
    The Justice League is still way behind…

  • Jon

    Why wait until I get to see it, I wet myself just thinking of all this! lol ;)

    kidding of course…
    Anyway, I can see how you are worried 790, but Marvel’s track record with their own films is good so far. They could make plenty of action figure money with the solo films. I guess I’m foolishly optimistic that they are making these films for the right reasons.

    BTW, I don’t hate DC, but they are currently getting bitch slapped despite success of the Dark Knight. Still, they do have some great potential with some really cool characters. I’m talking about the Green Lantern and that proposed Super Max film. Now that will be something special!

  • 790

    Yeah your right Jon, its just that this Cheadle crap and this Ed Norton black-ball are getting me down,,, and look how badly DC has handled The Justice League film project. Is the same thing going to happen with Avengers because they can’t get the right cast??? (NooooooOoooo)
    Anyway, I am looking forward to the Green Lantern film,,, if they can pull it out,,,

    The more I read your casting ideas I’m like, “let’s get this cast and start shooting this sucka!!!”

  • the Old Man

    790 said: “Don’t make a film just for action figure profits,,, and let’s get Edward Norton in back in there!!!”

    Yeah, I agree. The action is by far the easiest part to write but perhaps the best place to figure out what the story is. The hard part is getting to the action. Especially in a compelling way.

    you tell me how you get Ed on board? My perception is if you give him “Avengers” lock, stock, and barrel then you have no problem with him. How do you work the powers that be, to entrust that to him?

  • 790

    (Old Man here ya go,,,,,)
    Create a scene where Banner (Norton) is making a stop into a remote town for supplies , he’s in a store and sees a news report of (insert antagonist plot here) he feels compelled to help and shows up at just the right time to turn the tide in a crucial battle. At this point he’s in total control of the Hulk!!! The rest writes itself. :-)

  • the Old Man

    OH, I thought you meant how do you get Ed Norton to commit to playing in the movie? Yeah, having a place for the alter-ego’s in the story isn’t a big deal. It’s the details. who is charged at what point to move the story forward? Does the characterization ring true? What will jazz the audience? In “The Incredible Hulk” Banner reconciles himself to agreeing to help eliminate a serious threat. So has he continued to cooperate or is he still on the run? Would Banner turn to Hank or Tony for help with the Hulk? It would be easier to have his continued cooperation. If you make his control over the Hulk complete though, you’ll never get the smash ending already outlined. Loki’s control would be released once knocked out. If Banner tries to hide how much control he has from SHIELD, then you can inject the pathos that people want to feel for him. Really It’s all been thought out in the animated movies. We’ve just switched a demigod and controlled humans, for the aliens. At some point I would figure that Loki’s lackey has to be someone Captain America wants to defeat for some reason.. We haven’t even discussed Janet’s role in this or Don Blake.

  • 790

    All this discussion, its time for Volcano Tacos!!!

  • Jon

    the Old Man
    You mentioned the animated movies. I’ve always thought they are extremely well done. They should be used as a basis for how things will be done in the real film. Don’t just make a live action version, of course. But see how much screen time was relegated to each character. How each one interacted with each other. That was perfect in the animated films!

    Unfortuneatly, and really hope I’m wrong, I get the feeling that all of the “humanization” of characters, all of the emotional ties and story lines, will be dealt with in the solo movies and then only briefly touched upon in the Avengers. Just so we remember. I just can’t shake the vibe that the studio wants the Avengers to just be one giant action fest. A fan’s wet dream because the whole movie is just jammed full of super hero action. I don’t even have any evidence to base this theory on, it’s just a bad feeling.

    Man I hope I’m wrong

  • the Old Man

    Jon said: “see how much screen time was relegated to each character” Yeah you plot that on a bar graph so that all characters have equal amounts of story. You keep the bar graph handy as you build the story to update it.

    Jon said: “the emotional ties and story lines, will be dealt with in the solo movies”

    Well you still need to address how each character interacts within the the team dynamic. Each character needs to have reasons to belong to the team. Some may be altruistic desires, but humans will be human. Banner for example, if he’s constantly on the run, his problems with being the Hulk will never change. When you see him in the stories already done, he’s made temporary peace with the military to gain the advantages of big budget research and plenty of resources. He can stay in one place to research without distractions. He can be close to Betty. Same exploration for each character. You do want to lay down a foundation for sequels.

  • Jon

    @the Old Man
    Exactly, and that is where I want the animated films to come in. They did a great job touching on all of those issues. What I meant was the serious, hardcore story lines. Like Hank and Jan’s marriage and abuse issues. Stark’s alcoholism. Cap’s difficulties adjusting to how the world he knows has changed. Of course they need to establish a connection, create a sense of family. Give everyone a reason to be a member of the team. Just not the darker/deeper stories. I think they are going for a bright, feel good, summer blockbuster super movie.

    Could always be wrong though. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

    I’m glad this post has sparked such a lively discussion. I’ve heard a lot of really good ideas being tossed out there, and I certainly view the Avengers movie differently now. What about you guys?

  • 790

    Having Captain America adjust to 2008 could be one of the coolest parts of the film…

    If they do it right, “Avengers” could break some B.O. records…

    I could see this as the biggest Superhero film of all time!!!

  • the Old Man

    I think from what you guys have posted we all understand the limits that are logical, given this is about “the Avengers.”

    I wholeheartedly agree about how the individual movies explore the personal issues instead of Avengers issues.

  • the Old Man

    This brings up the question of ancillary characters.
    Black Widow, Jane Foster, Fury of course, but what about Dum,Dum?

  • 790

    Black Widow, Jane Foster, Fury of course,,,

    Great line,,,

  • the Old Man


  • 790

    Title for the new film.



  • Jon

    I don’t think we need anything extra for the title of the first movie. The Avengers would be exciting enough for me. But once I get over the whole everyone on screen at once thing, and it’s time for a sequel, adding a little something to the title might add some more excitement to the film.

    Well, definitely Fury will be involved. When I was researching this, I came across a lot of people who mentioned Hillary Swank as Black Widow. But it all seemed to be just an un=substantiated rumor, so I didn’t include it. But I think that would be a great call on her. Any other agents of Shield though, I think they are gonna do it like they did in Iron Man. That guy will be back for sure. Maybe you will hear the name tossed out there somewhere, but it will most likely be a little thing for the fans of the comics, nothing more.

  • the Old Man

    I’ll let you two fight this one out, in this instance title isn’t an issue with me. Here you go an argument for each. The title should be simple because it’s the first live action “Avengers” movie. Many people including fans will expect that. Additionally, this breaks any misconception that it has anything to do with the animated stories. In case some don’t realize that its live instead of a cartoon.
    Adding the extra description heightens the drama. Audiences will have a clearer picture about what the movie is about. It immediately tells the audience we put this team together because the world hangs in the balance. We wouldn’t do it for a lesser story.

    The compromise position is you take 790’s description and you make it the header description for the movie but not the title.
    Advertising- ‘WORLD DESTRUCTION’ this time it’s too close for comfort. Averting ‘WORLD DESTRUCTION’ is a team effort.

  • Jon

    Sounds good to me! I like the title, I just don’t think it is neccessary. The movie will be great though, no matter what it is called!

  • 790

    Oh I was just throwing that title out there. ;-)
    I was thinking it would have to be a big deal to thaw out Rodgers, and after Watchmen breaks records next year the Avengers film will have to be BIG to compete.

  • Bear

    Excellent post!!!

    And welcome aboard, by the way :P

  • Jon

    Thanks Bear!

    speaking of breaking records, do you think Watchmen will make Dark Knight money?

  • 790

    That’s a tough call Jon,,,very tough call… ???

    The new Watchmen trailer is going to out next week with “Quantum of Solace,,,”

  • Jon

    Yes, a movie that just got a million times more likely to be seen by me! Speaking of the Watchmen, I just posted a nifty little update containing mild spoilers for fans of the graphic novel, in case anyone is interested.

    I think that because of name recognition alone, The Watchmen has no chance to top Batman. It will make a lot of money, but Batman and the Joker are simply more recognizable characters. People may be weary of seeing a superhero flick like this, and kids don’t know who the Watchmen are. And it’s gonna be rated R, so all things considered…

    It makes a lot of cash, but not Dark Knight cash!

  • the Old Man

    Jon says: “It makes a lot of cash, but not Dark Knight cash!”

    That’s a pity too, because this whole lawsuit fiasco is gonna cost WB some cash. Since it’s unclear how it will play out WB’s movie line up might get pushed back. We might not get the blowout “Green Lantern” we all want to see, they may see fit to trim the budget. Worse yet they may drop heavy budget projects! Logically the projects with the least amount of production money spent thus far will be at the top of the list. “Green Lantern” could actually end up on a short list of movies dropped, along with “Wonder Woman,” and “The Flash!” A lot of unknowns to be sure. I guess we’ll see it play out early next year.

  • Jon

    It sure is. I’m pretty sure the studio has given up on getting The Flash to the screen anytime soon. As soon as Ryan Reynolds signed on to play Deadpool, I think they gave up. He would’ve been perfect for that role, but I’m not complaining! ;)

    Recently Beyonce Knowles came out and said that she really wanted to play Wonder Woman. Now, will the studio cast her to play a white comic hero? It’s not like it hasn’t been done before; Kingpin in the DareDevil flick was made black so Michael Clark Duncan could play the crime lord, and Sam Jackson is Nick Fury. I didn’t really have a problem with either, so fundamentally I wouldn’t have a problem with this. But I don’t care much for her acting, or singing, for that matter. Anyway the point is that there are people out there who want to see it done. Powerful people, so I think that one will get made.

    But if they try to take that epic Green Lantern film away from me, I just might lose it. I read that proposed script and I thought it was EPIC. A great way to start a franchise. And the casting rumor of Ryan Gosling was great too. That movie has to get made. If they followed that script, it could be so good!

  • the Old Man

    How tight was that Lantern script, Jon? I usually stay away from scripts of movies I want to see, prior to seeing them. Its just me. I only read for the first time William Gibson’s “ALIEN III” script this past June! I guess my point is that they may green light it, but trimmed as much as possible. While not a total disappointment, will leave you wondering for years what might have been..
    Speaking of wondering the story on AICN about Megan Gale being cast as Wonder Woman is old news. It was leaked months ago that she nailed the screen test and impressed the interview panel, despite her detractions. Could the old studio system work again? Find just the right piece of clay and mold in into exactly what you want? The perfect Wonder Woman character in this case.

    I guess it would be sane to put a little silver in this black cloud of speculation, that while we might not get a “Flash” origin story or “Martian Man hunter,” we will get “Justice League.” However or whatever contortions they have to go through, just to stay on par with Marvel.

  • the Old Man

    Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park III) has agreed to do Captain America. Marvel is on the move!

  • Jon

    DC could really take a cue from Marvel. They seem to be doing everything right.

    As for the scripts, I just can’t contain myself. I know you are right, and I shouldn’t read it. I just have to know what they are thinking.

    I wish I could stop. They need a support group for people like me. People who can’t stop reading a movie’s script before the movie is released. “Hello, My name is Jon, and I have a problem…”

  • the Old Man

    Jon said: “As for the scripts”

    Well it’s not like it’s doing you any harm, unless it effects your work or family life. Your a writer at heart. It doesn’t bother me that you read them. I just make it a personal choice not too read them, for the most part. I did read a “Dragonball” script a few months back as people keep ragging on the leaked licensing video. I’m 97% sure it wasn’t the approved script, so I don’t feel so bad. I figured it would come out in discussions and I wanted to be versed on it, for refutation. That particular property isn’t exactly ground breaking story telling either. It’s so thread bare that the pervasive hatred seen all over the net, is bizarre. I would’ve expected great apathy, and boredom instead. The fact that human consciousness is so limited, it’s inadequacies act like a fish bowl. Even if we see out of it we are confined by it. I guess that explains a lot.

  • Jon

    @The Old Man
    Is there anything you can’t do, good sir? You seem to have an excellent command of the English language yourself. That is definitely a level of deep thought that I have not seen on any message boards ever.

    I tip my hat to you for that!

  • the Old Man

    Jack of all trades master of none!

    My humble thanks for all your accolades. I’m old but I’m still learning.

    I gave “The Avengers” script a little thought today I’m trying to setup a beginning that will allow me to see a way to the ending. It’s tricky trying to stay away from clichés, pull Thor away from earth, make Loki responsible but unencumbered, not break the budget, ect.

  • Jon

    It’s funny, we all have really strong opinions of what the writers should put in all the films. What shouldn’t be put in films. But when it comes right down to the actual writing of a completed script, we soon realize that we may not know as much as we think. I still think that places like this are great places for writers to get their ideas. I wouldn’t even be upset if I saw one of my ideas blatantly ripped from a site. I would be happy that writers have finally come to their senses.

    Do you think that the studio should incorporate a human alter-ego to Thor? I can’t decide that one myself. I’d like to see it, but I don’t think it would make the movie any more believable, so why do it?

    I think we need to see some heroes first. Show a quick montage of individual Avengers taking down some petty thugs or averting a disaster. Maybe 3 mins. per character, to psych up the fans. Have Thor be the final hero shown, to transition into the sun setting on Asgard. Show Loki conspiring, plotting. Or maybe have Loki in chains for some aggression against Thor/Asgard. Then they could establish Loki’s mind control powers by showing him “convincing” the guards to set him free. Then they should definitely show Loki either running or riding through the lands of Asgard so they could show off some beautiful scenery and maybe Loki would stop in the land of the Frost Giants. He’d eventually use the Frost Giants to set up Thor, and that would be what would keep Thor in Asgard while the Avengers are battling the Hulk/the army/Loki.

    What do you think? Needs polish, but I’m sure you could “put some makeup on her.” Make it pretty.