Movie Ratings Explained by the Intern

Have you ever gone to the movies and wondered how it got it's rating. Thinking, "why is this only PG13, or why is this rated R." Here is some information that you might find useful in solving those … Read More »


Ohio Comic Con Cosplay Pictures: Day 3

Here are the last of the pictures we took on the final day of Ohio Comic Con. We had a blast and can't wait to see everyone at future cons! If your picture is missing, please comment below or contact … Read More »


Gone Girl (2014) Review

Gone Girl is a mystery-thriller from director David Fincher [Fight Club, The Social Network], and is based on the best selling 2012 novel of the same name and adapted by Gillian Flynn. It stars Ben … Read More »

The Equalizer 2014

The Equalizer Film Review

"The Equalizer" is the new action-thriller from Antoine Fugua and based on a 80's television series originally starring  Edward Woodward as Robert McCall. This time round it stars Denzel Washington … Read More »

3 Days to Kill picture

3 Days to Kill Film Review

"3 Days to Kill" is the new action-thriller adapted from Luc Besson ["Taken", "The Family", "From Paris with Love"] and stars Kevin Costner as Ethan Renner, a dying CIA agent who is offered an … Read More »